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YWAM Trang Mission Statement, Mission Methods and Values

Mission Statement:

We commit to bring about the obedience of faith among the unreached nations by mobilizing, discipling and going.

Mission Methods:

  • Mobilization: Inspiring, challenging and equipping Christ Followers to focus on God’s Global Purpose by aligning priorities, efforts and resources so that the unreached people groups give their worship to Jesus Christ.

  • Discipleship: Relationally and holistically partnering with the Holy Spirit in the sanctification process while making disciples who make disciples in all our day to day life.

  • Going: Regularly going on outreaches throughout Southern Thailand and our adopted nations sharing the Gospel in both word and deed.


  • Simplicity: Unhindered ministry toward Southern Thailand first and then our adopted nations that pursues quality and effectiveness above quantity.

  • Prioritization: Directing all of our efforts towards finishing the task of making disciples of every people group, so that “those who have never heard will understand.” Choosing to prioritize ta ethne that are unreached and foregoing ministry among gospel-saturated/reached/those that have access to peoples. We will do what is not getting done in our ambition to partner with Jesus in ransoming a people from every tribe, tongue, people and language.

  • Sacrifice: Doing anything and everything needed for obedience to God and the spread of His global worship.

  • Intimacy: Seeking the Lord's presence, moment by moment, and submitting ourselves and our ministry to the Holy Spirit’s guidance. Intimacy applies to our relationships with the Lord as well as our YWAM community and each serves to supplement and support the other.

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