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Transitioning Update

Updated: May 5, 2022

Traveling, Visiting Ethan and I’s Families and Support Raising:

Hi everyone!! In my last newsletter I announced my move to Thailand and the transition of ministry from YWAM North Idaho to YWAM Trang this upcoming July. In this short update I wanted to share a little more of what is going on during this brief season. :)

A few weeks ago we wrapped up a month of meetings aimed at preparing for the transition. This involved group processing, seeking the Holy Spirit’s guidance, and personal reading and training. We’ve reviewed our ministry work schedule (currently above 45 hours) and have processed our vision and goals from day 1 of arriving on the field to year 5 of working in ministry. The most important and vital topic in our discussions was the subject of unity. Since the conclusion of these preparatory meetings, the work has certainly not ceased. All of our team members are taking from now until July to transition our lives to Thailand. Many of us are spread out across the country visiting family, support raising, and doing all the logistical things necessary to move to Thailand like apply for our visas, and transition insurance plans etc. (the list goes on and on!)

ALSO - I’m so excited to tell you that in December of 2021 I began talking to an incredible man of God whose name is Ethan Parks. The Lord has been so good to bring Ethan into my life and reveal His plans for our marriage sometime in the coming year. Ethan is joining our team transitioning to Thailand as an intern and will be training and serving with our ministry for the long-term future. We officially started dating in mid-March. Currently I am in Las Vegas spending this time visiting him and his family in the surrounding areas: Phoenix and Bakersfield, California. With the Lord leading us, we feel it is important for us to spend this precious time with our families and support raise simultaneously as we prepare to enter into serving long-term in Thailand together. Next week I will be traveling home to Virginia with Ethan for a short weekend, then heading back to Coeur d’Alene to continue support raising and serving my home church: Transform Ministries.

In July I will be heading home again for a few weeks as a final extended goodbye with my family. During this time I pray that the Lord opens the opportunity for me to visit many of you and connect in person before moving.

Support Raising Request:

As I continue to seek financial and prayer partnerships, I would be so blessed if you would ask the Lord to bring to mind anyone in your social circles who might be interested in supporting me. If you feel so led, I’d be so appreciative of you mentioning my need for partners to any friends, family, and believers you know. If having a flyer to give to individuals would be a useful resource you would utilize I’d LOVE to send you as many printed copies as you’d like to have on hand. All in all, I desire to glorify Him and invite others into what God is doing through our ministry and how He is moving in the unreached peoples of southern Thailand!!

Thank You.

And now all I have left to say is a heart-felt thank you. I’m so grateful to have family in Christ like you all to accompany me on this mutual journey and calling of spreading the Kingdom of Jesus to territories and peoples yet reached.

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