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Marie’s Ministry Newsletter: October-January

Keeping you in the know about everything God is doing through my partnership with YWAM North Idaho’s ministry so you can see how your support is spreading Christ’s love to the ends of the earth.

Ministry Update:

Since September, much has happened here in Coeur D’Alene. Our first quarter of the DTS Student Internship has finished and we have now started the second quarter with four new interns (so now we have six). As I reflect on the interns’ growth, I am so impressed by what God has done! The fall interns have developed in their understanding of the God’s Word and are gaining maturity in the faith. Part of my role in the internship is teaching through our apologetics book, The Story of Reality by Greg Khokl which serves to outline the essentials of the Christian faith so that our students understand what exactly needs to be communicated when sharing the gospel. I started online school at Liberty University in October and I have loved taking what I’m learning and applying it directly to the ministry here. God knew what He was doing when He planned this degree path and it’s been faith-building to see some of the fruit of His plan! The Communications Ministry is going well too: I’ve completed the new website design and now we are just waiting on our I.T. guy to switch our server so that the site can go live! In the coming months I’ll be continuing to run the communications ministry and pour into these interns. I’ll also be preparing promotional material for our DTS and the No Compromise Ministry (a traveling missions teaching). Our relationships continue to grow here in CDA as we reach out into the community through our individual churches, service opportunities, evangelism and compassion ministry.

DTS Student Internship

The end of September marked the start of a new school that we are running for the first time at YWAM North Idaho: the DTS Student Internship. This school is best described as “a primer” for DTS or as a “pre-DTS.” Most basically, the internship is designed to prepare future DTS students (who have committed to do the DTS at YWAM North Idaho) for their DTS so that it will be the best it possibly can be! DTS is an intense, consecrated time unto the Lord for intentional discipleship, growth in relationship with God, and training for missions, and so the DTS Student Internship essentially is a preview of all these things, or a sampling of the DTS so to say. The student intern is exposed to introductory-level teachings and readings for all of these topics: discipleship, evangelism, apologetics, bible teaching, world missions, and Thai language (all of which are covered in-depth during our DTS).

The fall internship had two student interns living on base and we had four more interns join us for the winter start date! We are excited for them to continue to grow in intimacy, knowledge, and maturity with the Lord!

YWAM North Idaho Ministry

  1. Establishing Individual Ministries (Now)

  • During this time, our primary focus is to develop each of our ministries at YWAM North Idaho with excellence so that when our training schools are in session, these ministries will support, rather than distract from the discipleship and mobilization process that these schools are aimed at achieving.

  • These ministries include: No Compromise Ministries, Communications (social media, website and blog), Training, Community Life/Hospitality, Cleaning & Maintenance, Intercession & Worship, LIFT (Legal, Immigration, Financial, Taxes), Accounting, Community Night, and more.

  • As I’ve mostly finalized the pioneering process for Communications (developing our schedule and creating the new website), I am now beginning to devote more time to discipling and teaching our interns, as well as assisting No Compromise Ministries and the Training branch of YWAM North Idaho (tasked with developing our schools).

  1. Weekly Community Nights (Now)

  • A time for fellowship, worship, and bible study with our local community.

  1. Weekly Evangelism and Compassion Ministries (Now)

  • Serving our community’s physical and spiritual needs by partnering with local churches and non-profit outreaches in order to share the Gospel in both word and deed.

  1. Thai Language (Now)

  • Every staff member has daily Thai language class (includes oral and written communication) - 5 hrs. Per week.

  1. Staff Training (Now):

- Once a month all staff meet together for a leadership training exercise

- We have switched from our staff reading list to reading and studying the entire Bible before DTS begins in October as God has shown us that we are ambassadors for Him foremost, and thus we are to emphasize knowing the Scriptures. (Many of us are still reading the previously assigned book list and other books for additional training).

  1. DTS Student Internship (Now)

  • Preparing DTS students for DTS - a “primer”

  • I am teaching an elective on reading comprehension for the Internship as well as teaching through the Apologetics book (The Story of Reality by Greg Koukl), as well as being directly involved in their discipleship.

  1. Discipleship Training Course (postponed)

  • We have decided to postpone this course until a further date as we are at our full working ability with now six student interns. We simply do not have enough staff to run this course at the moment but we are hopeful for the future!

  1. DTS (Oct. 4th 2021)

  • Discipleship Training School: to disciple and equip students to live zealously for God

  1. Thailand Ready Mission Course (likely 2022)

  • A 9-month training school designed to prepare and equip those who will go long-term (at least two years) in Thailand.

  • Includes culture, religion, and language studies, as well as bible and missionary training.

  1. School of Biblical Understanding (likely 2023)

  • A 6-month school training students in the Inductive Bible Study Method, Church history, and Theology.

This Month’s God Story:

Internship Testimony

by Marie Freemyers on Jan. 7th

Since September, we have been running the DTS Student Internship here on base! As a “pre-DTS” the interns’ schedule is part-time and gives them an introduction to all things DTS: discipleship, missions training, apologetics, Inductive Bible Study, Thai language classes, Thai culture, evangelism, compassion ministry and living in our community in Coeur d’Alene. Jazmine is one of our interns here and this is a small testimony about her time here so far and the way God is moving in her life.

“When I got here, adjusting to the new environment was really really rough; I got to class and realized I didn’t know anything about anything! I didn’t know 90% of what we were learning about God, Christianity, and my relationship with Him. It got to a point where I wanted to go home because I was getting so overwhelmed and it was just really hard. I went back to visit my old home in Texas and it was really hard. Seeing my family was good, but I just realized that God had called me to Coeur d’Alene and that I couldn’t move back to Texas. God asked me, ‘Are you going to ignore the blessing I’ve put in front of you in Idaho?’ Being back in Texas, I got to see my old life that wasn’t centered around God, and I had this revelation that God really rescued me from it. I thought it was going to be hard following Him, but I realized that it wasn’t me choosing to follow Him as much as it was Him rescuing me from the bad situation that I was in. I spent time with God praying and I said to Him, ‘I don’t want to take for granted what you’ve given me ever again, because You see the big picture and I see less than a quarter of it. You are all-knowledgeable and I am not.’ I realized that it was going to be pedal-to-the-metal when I got back to Idaho. Whatever He wants me to do, I am going to do it. No more questioning His good plan for me. Since coming back home (from the visit to Texas), I’ve opened up to the staff twice as much, because I was so fearful of rejection and abandonment before. It’s been absolutely crazy and life-changing this far and I am extremely grateful to be here and for the coming year.”

Prayer Guide:

Below I’ve listed a few ways you can be partnering in prayer with me, YWAM North Idaho’s ministry, and the nation of Thailand. I hope this is a helpful resource for you.

YWAM North Idaho Base:

  • Base leaders: Brandon and Angela Oliver and their two children: Noah (13) and Ellie (3)

  • Staff: Mikayla, Makayla, Jael, Connor, Will, Nicole and I

  • Interns: Jazmine, Eli, Chris

  • Monthly Supporters for YWAM North Idaho (Rent for classroom space)

  • Pioneering Ministries: please pray that the Lord’s will is done in each ministry. I’ve listed some below that need specific prayer.

  1. No Compromise Ministries - a ministry aiming to awaken, educate, and empower Christ-followers to zealously engage in the Great Commission through mobile presentations

  2. Training - a ministry which pioneers training schools designed to educate, disciple, and equip students for ministry in the unreached nation of Thailand.

  3. Communications: a ministry that strives to excellently and reliably present information about YWAM North Idaho’s ministry, values, and staff for the purpose of mobilizing Christ-followers to engage in the Great Commission.

  4. Intercession & Worship: a ministry designed to cultivate a lifestyle of prayer and worship in our base, in order to love others and the Lord with all our hearts.

  5. LIFT (Legal, Immigration, Financial, Taxes) & Accounting

  6. Community Night: a time of worship, fellowship and bible study with the community. Please continue to pray for blessings in networking and relationship building during this time. Please also pray that these nights both bless and grow all that attend.


  • Pray for the 77 Unreached people groups in Thailand. To explore the specific needs of these people groups visit

  • Thailand is allowing 45-day visas at this point: we are hoping to send a few of our staff on a scouting trip this summer so please pray for at least a 60-day visa to become possible!

  • The economy continues to deteriorate due to Covid-19. Please pray for those that have lost jobs and are struggling to provide for themselves. Please pray that through this struggle, individuals come to a deep revelation of their need for an eternal Savior, and that they find Jesus Christ.

  • Pray for the Christian ministries there: for financial provision, strength, boldness, and success in sharing the hope that is in Christ.

  • For those who have heard the Good News but need discipleship and a Christian community, please pray that the Lord provides a way for them to come into contact with support.

Personal Prayer Requests:

  • More monthly financial support

  • If you know anyone who may be willing to partner with me financially, it would be a huge blessing to me if you could put us in contact with one another! Thank you!

  • That I would grow in intimacy and love for the Lord this year and yield myself to become the leader and discipler that He has called me to be for ministry here.

Thank you so very much for reading this update, and most especially for your continued friendship and partnership in ministry. I continue to pray for you, so please let me know if there are specific things I can be praying for.

His servant and yours,

Marie Freemyers YWAM North Idaho Staff (540) 845-5919 1913 North 4th Street, STE. C Coeur d’Alene, I.D. 83814

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