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Isaiah 6:8 Poem

Asleep, so asleep this place seems to be.

Its lulled me into a daydream,

but it's just a lie, an entirely false reality.

I don't want to be here surrounded by the ease and sweets of America's delicacies.

Instead, O God, take me to the tree of Calvary

where you poured out your blood for me

and a way for the nations to be made free.

You arose to kill the fear within me that arises when I think of this possibility:

taking Your love to the every last race of humanity!

There's no sign in the clouds, no "voice" commanding me to go.

But I have read Your Word,

I have seen the need and I know:

Who else will go?

You have given your Church one main goal

to proclaim Your name until all know.

So here I remove my crown and upon Your throne bestow

my whole self: my heart, my soul.

Father, let the hope of my life be in You alone

There's nothing left I desire more

than to be transformed, to be made Yours:

an empty vessel to bring means of being reborn.

- Marie F.

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