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Conversion Poem

Locks and keys of a working machine,

my mind I used for me.

It's true I worshipped all the world's

highest class degrees.

But then You came and won me over;

You asked me to bend the knee.

You told me that the world couldn't offer

what I was longing to see.

So I laid my insatiable desire for knowledge aside

and came to Your feet.

It was then You revealed true wisdom

through intimate whispers with me.

You taught me that the highest science

couldn't be found in university -

instead it's found in the Godhead of three.

You are the uncreated Creator

existing for all eternity.

You enact both love and wrath

on the cross simultaneously.

You are unlike any earthly curiosity,

for You are entirely Holy.

It seems the lesson I've come to see

is that this world offers only a glimpse of Thee,

a chance for mankind to foresee

that all the desires of our hearts are found in You:

everything that You are, and all that You will forever be.

- Marie F.

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